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Mobile Car Wash & Detailing Services

Pre-Sale Value MAX

  • Fixing Broken Bumpers

  • Removing Dent, Scratches, Watermarks and Swirls

  • Fixing Foggy Headlights

  • Cleaning Dirty Engine Bays

  • Full Exterior & Interior Detail

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From $499
6-8 Hours

Full Exterior & Interior Detailing

  • Exterior Steam/Hand Wash Bumper to Bumper

  • Premium Wax (or Upgrade to Ceramic Wax)

  • Cleaning Tires and Rims

  • Minor Scratches Removal

  • Full Interior Treatment Package (Vinyl, Rubber and Leather)

  • Steam Interior Spaces for Odor Neutralization

  • Windows Cleaning

  • Floormats, Carpet, and Seats Deep Vaccum and Cleaning

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From $249

4-6 Hours

Mini Exterior & Interior Detailing

  • Exterior Steam/Hand Wash Bumper to Bumper

  • Wax (or Upgrade to Ceramic Wax)

  • Cleaning Tires and Rims

  • Full Interior Treatment Package (Vinyl, Rubber and Leather)

  • Steam the Air Vents

  • Windows Cleaning

  • Floormats, Carpet, and Seats Light Vaccum and Cleaning

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From $159

2-4 Hours

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The Vertu Wash Car Wash process by VMR is an innovative solution that is environmentally friendly, highly mobile, and cost-effective, in line with the highest industry standards, with the flexibility to be applied wherever the vehicle is parked.


Vertu Wash Features

Clean Car, Convenient Service, Reasonable Prices & 
Respect for the Environment 


Exterior Wash 

Sparkling Clean Exterior Wash With Little to No Water 

Wash & Vacuum

Exterior Wash & Interior Clean & Vacuum

Exterior Wash & Interior Clean & Vacuum & Leather & Vinyl Care & Floor Mats Wash


Shiny Reems with Vertuwash

Value Max by Vertu is designed to maximize your vehicle's sale value. This package includes a full detail of your vehicle followed by any of the following based on the state of your car: scratch removal and paint correction, fixing or improving fixable dents, headlight restoration, partial or full paint polish, bumper restoration, rim restoration, engine bay cleaning, fixing minor leather issues and vinyl restoration. 

This is a highly customizable package that increases your chances of selling your car in a shorter timeframe at a higher valuation.        


What's an eco-friendly Carwash?

A car wash service that makes your car sparkling clean and isn't bad for the environment either. Vertu Wash is an internally developed car wash and detailing process that minimizes the amount of water used during a car wash session while maximizing the car's interior cleanliness and exterior shine.

While water is globally considered to be one of humanity's most scarce resources, we are proud to introduce a car wash and detailing process that on average uses 5 liters of water end to end, saving between 25 and 45 liters of water in every car wash session.


Additionally, the majority of the cleaning products used in Vertu Wash car wash process are biodegradable and locally sourced,  limiting our carbon footprint. Strictly using hybrid-engine vehicles for all of our transportation purposes is another step we've taken to lower our environmental impact.

Vertu Wash turns the clock back on your car, making it look and feel like its earlier days. We do this through a measured, step-by-step process that limits and controls our impact on the environment.


At Vertu, we believe protecting our planet and its eco-system is a collective responsibility fulfilled through personal action. We remain committed to creating solutions that serve you and our planet.

Vertu Wash Color Logo
Eco Friendly & Mobile Car Wash & Detailing


The Vertu Wash Car Wash process by VMR is a mobile, asset-light, cost-effective and easy-to-use car wash and detailing solution that can be offered as a service at any parking lot. Vehicles can be serviced within the spot they are parked as long as there is enough space for vehicle doors to open on either side. There is no need for a designated car wash space or access to water. There will be no water spilled on the ground and as a result no need to modify your existing insurance policies.



Part of Vertu Mobility group of companies, Vertu Wash is a remote and environmentally friendly car wash and detailing service that comes to you and makes your car look and feel sparkling clean, All from the comfort of your home or office!

Regardless of your required service, we use very little water throughout the process. Similarly, we ensure the products we use aren't harmful to your car, your health or our planet.  

We value your opinion and to the extent possible try to customize our services to your unique needs. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments, We'd love to hear from you. 


Businesses with medium and large sized parking lots, parking lot owners and operators, strata managers, airports, universities and other institutions can now offer eco-friendly car wash as a service to their customers and visitors. The freedom to have their car washed while they are attending to other business is not only prudent customer service, it is a financially sound business strategy.


At VMR, we are committed to open and transparent business practices based on collaboration and partnership. if you believe your institution can benefit from offering our solution to your clients, visitors or members, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to speak to you. 

Emine Kekilli

"I had a great experience with Vertu Car wash team. I had company car and Vertu Carwash cleaned our car and they were so kind, so clean and sensitive. I had detail cleaning and each point of my car was perfect. I highly recommend and absolutely I will come again. I really appreciate for this crew. They are the best in Vancouver."



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