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My long overdue post

We are into the fifth month of running Vertu Wash in Vancouver and I finally found a minute to write our first blog. With all its challenges (I know it's hard to tell there have been challenges by the smiley faces that show up at your door ready to wash and detail your car, but I can think of one or two "demanding" instances ;)) setting up and running an eco-friendly and mobile car wash business has been one of the most interesting things I've ever done.

Never a big fan of doing repetitive work, first and foremost it's the diversity of the daily tasks that make me find this business exciting. From learning how to set up a company, build a website, connect payment options, create advertising campaigns, create, test and refine car-wash methods, experiment with different equipment and products, interact with customers, hire and train employees and so much more, I haven't had a single dull moment in the past few months.

Equally fascinating has been the people aspect of running this business. My team has now washed over 150 cars some of them multiple times. From many different backgrounds, we have met people we wouldn't normally have the opportunity to meet had it not been for Vertu Wash. I've been encouraged and humbled by the interest our clients have shown in our success, supporting us in a variety of different ways. Along with the rest of the team we really appreciate your business and your support.

We will soon be sharing some exciting news about the future of Vertu Wash. We have had offers to expand to other cities and are currently looking into supplementing our mobile-only service with a physical location. In the meantime and while these are finalized please feel free to contact us with feedback, suggestions, requests and so on. I will also try to make a habit of keeping this blog up to date.

Thank you.


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